Size / Dimension
We offer two types of length of the ribbons — 3 and 5 meters, width starts from 2 cm and more. If you wish to
order ribbons of specific sizes, please contact us via info@ribbonsandlove.ru and we will try to meet your

The real tone of coloration of ribbons is slightly different from what I can see from my phone/computer’s screen.
To convey the shade of the handmade ribbons is not easy. The color you can see from your screen is affected not
only by the lighting, but also by the quality of the screen of your gadget. In the catalog, the ribbons are presented
from different angles, so there is an opportunity for you to see how the shade varies depending on different
lighting conditions.

Custom and urgent orders
If it so happens that there is no ribbon in the catalog of the size or shade you need, please contact us via
info@ribbonsandlove.ru, we will tell you whether it is possible to dye ribbons in the desired color.
The manufacture of ribbons for individual orders will take from 3 to 7 days. We are a small company and with all
desire to send a ready-made individual order will not work out before the deadline indicated above. Thank you
for your understanding!

Delivery & Shipping charges
All – domestic and international orders are carried out by the Russian Post. If you are comfortable with the
service of any other company please, let us know we will be happy to arrange the delivery.
The cost of delivery via Russian Post is:
— domestic orders up to 7 USD. Delivery expected within 5-10 days;
— international orders up to 20 USD. Delivery expected within 7 days or sometimes more.
If your order requires expedited service, please tell us about it and we will discuss convenient terms of delivery
for you.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the delivery time of parcels by the Russian Post and other companies. But
we rely on our experience and until now all our customers received their orders.

Ribbons Care
Silk is a very soft and delicate fabric and requires specific gentle handling with a lot of care; therefore we do not
recommend washing silk ribbons. However if there is such a need, to keep the outer appearance of the ribbons,
please follow our recommendations:
1. Silk ribbons should be washed at a temperature of no higher than 30 ° C, otherwise they can fade and lose
2. Use only hand wash. We do not recommend twisting and wringing them, and also soap or rub particularly dirty
places, as this can damage the fabric.
3. Dry the silk ribbons only flat on a horizontal surface.
4. Do not spray water on ribbons while ironing, as it can leave stains and splotches on the fiber. When ironing,
please choose a temperature suitable for silk fabrics.