Loyalty Program

We value our customers and we want our relationship to grow stronger and flourish every day! That is why we launched the Loyalty Program for regular customers starting January 1, 2018.

How does the Loyalty Program work?

You automatically become a member of the Loyalty Program if your order is over 60 USD.

Loyalty program works as a cumulative discount system: the discount is given based on the total amount of all previous orders made from the moment of enrolling in the Loyalty Program. The orders are summed up/accumulated and the higher the total order amount is, the bigger is your discount.

Discount 5% – for orders over 60 USD;
Discount 10% – for orders over 90 USD;
Discount 15% – for orders over 180 USD;
Discount 16% – for orders over 350 USD;
Discount 17% – for orders over 550 USD;
Discount 18% – for orders over 700 USD;
Discount 19% – for orders over 900 USD;
Discount 20% – for orders over 1000 USD.

The Loyalty Program has no time limits.